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Goop looses himself.

This Clip is of a character nicknamed Goop.  Goop was always a squishy kind of guy, that couldn't hurt a fly, even if he tried.  So when faced with the school wide policy of two years of fighting before graduation, and no one to turn to he slowly looses his default form, and falls apart.

This is Vivarian's dagger tattoo coming to life and flying around.  Vivarian is art itself all she wants to create is beauty, but in this world she knows better to not keep protection on her 24/7 

This is Dusty a character I based on myself.  He was never much of a fighter except for when it came to family and friends.  And his powers to warp anything moving to wherever he wants it to be made fighting pretty much a breeze.  His real struggle will be finding piece after school doing something else in a world where you aren't respected if you don't want to fight.

My animations are all portions or snippets of a larger passion project I'm working on, that contains a whole world of monsters with fantastic abilities.  Grounded in very emotional and human feelings, and experiences.

Animation Summary 

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