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But their beauty takes no prize 
Cause I’ve looked into your eyes
A mountain through the clouds
This search for beauty is what I’ve vowed


I’ve captured clouds from the skyI’ve captured the sun about to riseI’ve seen the creatures of the seaAnd the leaves falling from a tree

Fractals of light pained on the floor

Towers of marble outside a door 

My life is art through, and through

 But nothing measures, compared to you.

The Photographer

The blissful death
My nerves fry
running along your skin
My eyes dry
Running along your face
My core starts to tremble
Just standing in your place
Let my tongue go flat
From your lips I taste
Let my ears ring out
And your words replace
Such a benevolent death
Guided by your grace
To live out eternity 
Completely embraced

Jump on the Ground.jpeg

A bird too weighed down,

sheds it’s wings to fly.

Freed from its shackles,

still running from the sky.

No one holding him down,

he lets himself die.

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